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09 March 2016


Please welcome our new drummer, Mathieu Lapensée!In 2009, our drummer at the time, Jeff Asselin, told me about a talented student of his, so we thought it would be fun to invite him to sit-in with us. I remember Mat having a great natural groove from the get-go, and that if Jeff thought he was ready to play in front of a capacity crowd at the Rainbow Bistro, then he was a guy to keep an eye on. Over the last six or seven years, Mat has attended many of our shows, and has seen a couple of different drummers on the bandstand.

Some musicians make it a point to let bands know that they are interested or “available” if they ever need them. Mat was coming to the shows as a blues fan, and not as a guy trying to get a gig. That may not mean much to the non-musicians, but I think it speaks volumes about the type of guy he is.

When I was trying to figure out who the best person for the job would be, it hit me that if Mat was coming to all of these shows, he must like what we’re doing! He recently said that he once turned to one of his friends at a show and said “this is the kind of band I want to be in”. He put it out there into the universe, and also put in a whole lot of work over the years, and even more focused over the last few months.

I am hard on drummers, he’s been warned! You have to have a ton of skills to play in this band because it’s pretty rare to have a repertoire that requires you to play swing/jazz/jump, latin grooves, and dynamics ranging from whisper-quiet to hard-hitting 4-on-the-4 rock beats. He’s got his work cut out for him for sure 🙂

Mat has been playing drums since he was 12yrs old, and in the early days, he was mentored by his uncle. After three years of lessons in Hawkesbury, he met Jeff Asselin, who has been working with him to develop techniques in various styles of drumming (latin, jazz, blues), for almost ten years. For six years, Mat toured schools in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Québec with a musical theatre project. Once confirmed with us, he quit his day-job to tour the world and play blues and rock’n’roll, and we couldn’t be happier to have him join us on the adventure. Get ready for a wild ride my friend, and welcome to the band!

Fans and friends, do me a favour and please make Mat feel welcome and send him some well wishes in the comments!

*Thanks to Delta Ottawa City Centre for participating!!!

[Photo: Modella Media]




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