My Kind Of Evil

My Kind Of Evil

Genre : Blues, Rock
Released Date : 12 / May / 2006
  1. Blue Monday
  2. What You Do To Me
  3. Shake That Mess


Special Guest Colin James, Produced by Kim Wilson.

Colin James has sold over one million records worldwide, seen most of the world, won many industry awards and international recognition for his versatility as a guitarist and his unforgettable voice. His diverse catalogue of music includes the blues/rock that got his career going, big band and his first musical love: the blues. In the years since his debut in 1988, Colin has dealt out multi-platinum rock albums, best selling big band records and chart topping singles. He has been called to the podium no less than six times to accept Juno Awards.

Critics have been noting similarities between these two Canadian artists since the release of JW’s debut album “Defibrillatin’”. The two met in 1995 when Colin played an acoustic set at Ottawa’s CD Warehouse. At the tender age of 15, JW was trying to soak up as much as he could from the established guitar player and singer. Colin even took the time to sit down to chat about some of his experiences touring with Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Since then, they have been on several festivals together.

The JW-Jones Blues Band is coming off of their busiest year to date, having played all the way across Canada, into the United States, and a successful tour of Europe. With over 160 appearances, this ranks the band as one of the highest touring blues acts in the country. Their second release “Bogart’s Bounce” with special guests Kim Wilson & Gene Taylor (formally of the Blasters, James Harman; currently with the T-Birds) garnered radio-play worldwide and found it’s way onto many of radio’s top charts in Canada, U.S.A., Europe, and Australia. The sound of the band has changed significantly with the addition of tenor sax or piano instead of harmonica, and this third release will be primarily guitar and horn driven, with some smoldering hot harmonica provided by the worlds best, Mr.Wilson (who was just nominated for his second Grammy in two years)!

Blue Monday // My Kind Of Evil
  1. Blue Monday // My Kind Of Evil
  2. What You Do To Me // My Kind Of Evil
  3. Shake That Mess // My Kind Of Evil